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news. it is monday morning, august 15th, glad you're along with us this morning. i'm steve shanahan. >> and i'm alison moore. new this morning, a water-main break in upper marlboro has shut down the road in both directions between carol way and brentwood drive. wsoc crews on the scene trying to shut down the main. residents in were experiencing low water pressure. >>> and breaking news for rail riders to report, too. before we get to weather, water is causing trouble on the tracks. flooding near the braddock metro keeping trains from running between braddock road and the airport. right now shuttle buses are taking riders between the affected stations on the blue and yellow line. we understand hundreds of people in line at this moment at the braddock road station. >>> alison, great to have you back. now we're going to keep our distance. a little bit more of -- >> i'll this over there in a few minutes. >> i'll be waiting for you. >> welcome back, alison. hope you had a good vacation. returning to foggy conditions across portions of the area, lots of clouds and likely rainfall here and
happening all week long to celebrate the life of dr. king. today is d.c. day. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. >>> irene is expected to become a major category 3 hurricane later today. by thursday it could become a category 4. the last hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. was ike which pounded texas in 2008. >>> that may happen later this weekend. as for today, it will be beautiful. >> glorious start. temperatures are falling back into the low 50s in many spots and sunshine expected for most of the day. low 80s for afternoon highs. let's get a look at the numbers. impressive stuff. some of the coolest temperatures in two months time here in downtown washington. 64 at reagan national. frederick 50 degrees. 55 in hagerstown. 56 in ocean city. great looking start. it should be a beautiful day today. a few clouds moving through from time to time but things should remain dry as high pressure continues to work on in here from the west. not much to show you. lots of clear skies and we are expecting plenty of sunshine today. the forecast for tuesday, mostly sunny sk
category 4 status later today. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. while you were sleeping, another aftershock, the biggest one since tuesday. >> the u.s. geological survey confirms a 4.5 aftershock hit at 1:08 this morning, 7 miles south of mineral, virginia. the fifth aftershock officially since the original quake and largest so far. >> damage from tuesday's quake will keep some kids home from school for another day, a second day now. 32schools in prince george's county will be closed today. we have the list on our web site, we will be showing them along the bottom of your screen throughout the hour. school without walls in the district is closed. in culpepper and spotsvainia schools open today. tucker, are you about to be super busy. >>> the after shock woke me up and i rolled over and went back to bed. whatever. let's talk local weather and we'll touch on irene in a couple of minutes. showers and thunderstorms to our north and west. let's go to the satellite and radar. very impressive. funnel system trying to work in. thunderstorm activity as close
't believe so. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> steve. >> the sinking market is driving down the cost of oil translating to lower prices at the pump. average national prices could be somewhere between $3.3.50 a gallon in the next few weeks in the area today an average for a gallon in dc, 3 .8 8-cents a gallon. >> the president will be in springfield announcing new fuel efficiency standards for work trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles it will save businesses in fuel costs it will take effect beginning with 2014 model years. >>> another big story this morning the first phase of the back transition begins today. >>> the long awaited move of defense workers, stirring up traffic concerns. stacy good morning. >> reporter: good morning this is always a busy place to be 200,000 folks commute up and down 395 every single day now with the addition of this large new building that will eventually be 6,000 extra commuters on that stretch of roadway that has been cause for concern the first wave of emily owes arrived for work today. -- employees
for being with us. steve, over to you. >> we will check with the fox video tape. two buys armed with an adult, it happened because a woman spanked her child and that's all coming up at 7:40. stay tuned. !z . >>> all right, here is the deal, you have only until today to feed your family and we are talking a $10 credit for a pizza, you can find a link on our home page. you can use that credit in any of their locations in the food truck or the stands around national park and again look for the link on >>> in virginia, this means you will not have to pay the sales tax on school supplies and clothing. items like notebooks will be tax-free and loss as -- long as $20 or less and the tax holiday runs sunday. >> you pay a price down the road. but -- >> particularly we all get our electric bill in a couple of days. let's get to the numbers in reagan national 73 degrees right now. and generally refreshing temperatures overnight, salisbury 66, opening up for you nothing too extreme for you up to the north new york city is 71 and we are 68 in detroit. all in all it should
will stay with us for awhile should be nicer on this wednesday morning glad you are with us i am steve >> i am tony perkins in for alison it is a nice day. tucker barnes keeping his eyes on the forecast and tell us more about the weather ahead. >> yeah, you already saw in the live shot less has and humidity. that is really the bright spot it will be a nice day high temperatures back in the 90s. take humidity out of the equation in washington in august, should be a great looking day. conditions out there a few clouds flowing through mostly a sunny start should be a beautiful day a series of weak cold fronts will come through during the day. the first one will dry us out and the second one should cool us down later tonight and during the day tomorrow good looking forecast next couple days temperatures regan national, the warm spot, 77 degrees, dulles 68, fredericks burg, 70 and forecast for today, yeah, here is your planner should be a good one lots of sunshine we will go with warm, less humidity will feel better, highs by 4:00 p.m. low 90s. it will be dry so no need to bring an umbrella. >>
are with us i am steve >> i am alison seymour. tropical storm emily is baring down on haiti rain has already begun to fall in the southern part of that country the brunt of the storm is expected to hit later today the country still trying to recover from last year's mass save earthquake 600,000 people are living in tents and other flimsy built homes. >> let's check with tony for a look at what is happening here kind of messy. >> yeah, a muggy start to the day, misty conditions, fog out there this morning, so not the most pleasant morning we've seen today will be a better day though as the day progresses. let's look at what is happen being the current conditions being reported out there, satellite radar composite shows you -- it doesn't show you as much as what our live shot outside showed you the mist and fog and all of that, well, this can show you the precipitation we had last night is gone, pushed offshore. we were seeing showers a short time ago eastern maryland but that is about it. temperatures across the region right now in the district 77 degrees also 77 down in fredericks burg. balt
, thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. i was happy to hear it's going to warm up to 90 degrees. >> that makes you happy? >> yeah, because i feel like summer is still here. >> good morning, everybody. a warm one on tap for today. other than that, quiet weather conditions around the region. let's look at the current temperatures around the area. 73degrees now in the district. most elsewhere we're in the 60s. 66 in baltimore. 62 dulles airport. frederick, maryland, 61. here's a look at the satellite radar, you saw the live shot of the national cathedral. things look pretty good. few clouds, that's about it. mostly sunny skies this morning. it will be mostly sunny today. warm, sunny, high today about 90 degrees in town. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in a little bit. now let's get an update on traffic with lauren. >>> hey tony. bw parkway delays from 98 -- traveling 32 itself, we could take a live look heading westbound, approaching the ramp to northbound bw parkway. delays. a separate accident on the ramp,
. good morning. >> good morning, allison, good morning, steve. >> reporter: this gridlock is expected to impact western maryland for the early morning rush hour all the way into the evening and afternoon rush hour here in northern virginia. army-navy drive here around pentagon city will be shut down around 9:30 to prepare for this event. the traffic is expected to be so bad that the federal government has strongly urged workers to either telecommute or take leave today. the ride marks the anniversary of 9/11 leaving haggerstown, maryland, around 1:00 this afternoon. the bikers will then head u.s. 15 with rolling closures along the way. the duls tollway, duls toll road will be shut down. the bikers head to new york. closures will affect drivers on 395 north, 295, pennsylvania avenue, b w parkway and 95 northbound. the ride each year commemorates the 9/11 anniversary. with the 10th anniversary this year, the number of bikers is expected to more than quadruple to 1800. them' leave maryland around 10:00, head to virginia with a caravan 150 miles long. the ride started near shanksville, pe
: good morning, steve and allison. yeah, we always talk about the qbs in this town and we always will. that's just a fact of this town, it's going to happen. yeah, there is a good, good brewing battle at wide receiver. we know about santana moss, of course, he's the number one guy. they traded for jabar gabany they like it opposite moss. but one guy who looks like he's ready to break out and have a huge year, anthony armstrong, aaa. you find out about that extra a right now. friday night, what a start for the offense. how good was that? that had to feel good to get out there and do it again. >> it felt great, you know, just to run so smoothly, i think we were extremely effective and rex is very efficient with the offense, he was 8-lech at one point -- 8-11 at one point, no sacks. >> you guys threw the ball 24 times in the first half, are you surprised about that? >> no, i wasn't surprised. kyle likes to put it in the air and if tim is going to run like he was, it's going to make it a whole lot easier for everybody. >> reporter: we've bee
cam. it is august 1st, 2011 thanks for being with us i am steve. >> i am alison. it is like the summer is just gone. >> how did you like july? hot enough for you? >> yeah. >> tony can back that up. >> yeah, hot july hot start in august, july officially the hottest month on record for washington dc, if you were here for the month you know that could be the case we will talk about that later on we are getting off to a warm start your satellite radar, we have quiet conditions across the region a little bit of haze as you saw from our live shot other than that skies are clear a lot of sunshine clouds will come through later associated with a couple showers and thunderstorms that will pop up here and there most of you won't get that activity current temperature 75 degrees, in the nations capitol, baltimore 72 degrees, dulles, 70, fredericks burg, 72 and frederick maryland 64 degrees. mostly sunny, hot, highs again above normal upper 90s a stray thunderstorm this afternoon or evening that is a look at what is happening. now an update on traffic. >> all right tony a lot is happening on the ro
steve good morning. >> thank you so much coming up fox 5 morning news. >> we all want to welcome back congress woman giffords here. [ applause ] >>> an historic moment of great emotion cuts through weeks of partisan bickering as gabrielle giffords stuns her colleagues with a return to the house chamber to cast her vote on the debt limit bill. >> just hours from what may be a final vote in the senate if it passes the president will place his signature on the measure allowing out the go forward and avoid a default. we will talk with jonathan edwards, fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. >>> take a lookout side, at our tower cam high over wisconsin avenue northwest washington tuesday morning, august 2nd. 2011. good morning glad you are with us, i am steve. >> i am alison seymour. let's see what the weather will be doing we check with tony good morning. >> good morning to you and everybody, we have got for you another hot day on tap today, it won't be as hot yesterday, believe it or not it got up to 100 degrees at regan national airport. saw storms come through too, quiet this morning
notice. thank you for being with us. good morning, i'm steve and i'm allison seymour. >>> the shake has long since stopped since yesterday's 5.8 magnitude quake but the i impact is still being felt there was an after shock measuring 3.4 centered near the epicenter of the original quake in mineral, virginia. >> there is an impact on schools today. d.c. city schools closed today. they will check the buildings for structural damages and prince george's county schools are closed. in virginia culpepper, and orange county schools are all closed today. and fairfax county bull run elementary is closed. >>> the federal government is open, though unscheduled leave and telework is available today. the following government buildings are closed. department of health and human services, the department of labor, francis perkins building, national building museum is also closed. >>> also on the list of federal buildings closed today the national endowment for the arts at the old post office. department of agriculture, agriculture south and department of homeland security offices, the dhs offices on neb
winchester, 63 dulles. light northerly wind no shortage of sunshine. back to you steve. >> let's update the morning commute mta announcing all modes of transportation working today. light rail passengers should plan for delays because of storm damage the penn line will operate a limited service schedule metro trains, buses intercounty buses will operate on regular county schedules, julie. >>> all right steve let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox in southern maryland checking out your drive along water street. part of it is still under water a portion remains blocked off in each direction as you travel between maine and pennsylvania, this is out near the courthouse live from this location all morning long. we were told everything was open but that is not the case we can see from holly's live shot that the road remains closed because of standing water they are trying to pump out. unfortunately water street remains closed. >>> back inside and update the ride elsewhere. travelling southbound 270 your lanes are open no incidents to report coming out of german town first day of school
at the national cathedral this morning. it's friday morning, august 12, 2011. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm tony perkins in for allison. a fine start to the day as far as weather goes. >> comfortable. >> tucker barnes joins us now with a look at the day ahead. >> it's friday, don't forget that. >> yes. >> good combination. beautiful weather and friday. let's get to the numbers and comfortable conditions across the region. 70 now reagan national. that's one of our coolest temperatures so far this month. 65 at dulles. 59 winchester. 55 this morning in frederick. ocean city 59 degrees. a great looking start. should be plenty of sunshine today. another mostly sunny day today and again, temperatures are going to be hanging out later this afternoon in the mid- to upper 80s. i don't have much to show you because not much on the map. quiet conditions to ohio and michigan. high pressure to our west will be moving overhead today. dry today. changes for the weekend. i'll show you that in just a minute. sunshine today. another beautiful afternoon. 8# 7 your daytime high. more details on the forecast in just
morning, august 3rd, glad you are with us i am steve >> i am alison seymour. >> yeah, felt cooler this morning don't know if that was my imagination. >> it will not be as hot today. >> tony perkens. >> actually a little warmer but humidity lower see what a big impact that has. >> yes. >> we have rain showers across portions of the area, hd radar they are getting closer to washington dc itself, starting to move inside the belt way a little spot of heavy rain, we are keeping our eyes on this throughout the course of the day as we continue to see periods of rain we have had some severe thunderstorms -- well, we had a severe thunderstorm warning for areas out to the west of the district for areas brought down big picture satellite radar you can see the movement of the system as it comes through the mid- atlantic region. mostly cloudy, with those rain showers popping up here and there. right now 84 degrees regan national, check that humidity, 56% winds out of the west 3 miles per hour. lots of clouds rain showers popping up here and there during the morning and afternoon and evening st
of that fair food. a whole lot of fun here. we'll get more from steve and talk about how you can be frugal at the fair. not even one dollar? >> not even one dollar. okay, one dollar. >>> first, here's a look at our trivia question. how many pieces does each player have when starting a game of backgammon? the answer is coming up in a little bit. keep it right here. we'll be right back. it's 9:21. q spots again. detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. >>> in london police are rounding up rioters, they are raiding homes to arrest suspects using facial recognition software and closed circuit cameras. meanwhile, there are calls in parliament to clamp down on social media web sites. the rioters organized flash mobs using facebook, twitter and blackberry. it's prompted some in parliament to call for a ban of social media. one expert says that's a bad idea. >> technology is value neutral. it's not good or bad. it's what you do with it. it's all about the peop
nothing about it. >> university of miami is a brand. >> reporter: dr. steve mcdaniel is a professor of sports and entertainment marketing. he has a background in crisis management and has consulted with universities in situations like this. >> the ncaa doesn't have a rule book to say, okay, if you commit this offense this is the standard punishment. so, that is going to be an interesting thing to look at here, too, if these allegations are indeed true. >> reporter: dr. mcdaniel says the ncaa is trying to take a tougher stance on corruption. could they offer the same fate as smu in the '80s and be given what is considered the death penalty. that's when the ncaa banned a program for competing in a sport for a period of time. >> i don't think it would be as severe as the death penalty. i think they saw what happened as a result of that at smu in the '80s and the repercussions, the lasting repercussions of something lasting like that to the school and to the athletes and to trying to rebuild a program. >> now, in a statement, ncaa president says if the
's humid once again. thanks for being with us, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we take good morning to tony perkins. >> warmer and more muggy. hi, allison. good morning, steve. good morning, everybody. muggy conditions not just this morning but today. the difference today besides the increasing humidity, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. let's start with sentinel radar. not much happening in washington. we have been watching heavy rain in northeast maryland. heavy rain, lightning as well. around here nothing but out to the west, fort royal, we have seen that batch of rain and it looks like there is a little spot of heavy rain embedded in that system north of front royal. we will keep our eyes on that. temperatures across the region, 70s. 74 in washington. 71 dulles. 71 baltimore. frederick, maryland is at 70 degrees. fredricksburg is at 68 degrees. the forecast for today, warm, humid, highs in the upper 8 toughs around 90 -- upper 80s to around 80 degrees. that's a look at weather. more in a bit. right now a check on traffic with lauren demark could. >> things are looki
morning i am steve. >> i am tony perkens in for alison it is pleasant out there. >> it is nice. tuck. >> gorgeous nice start to the day low humidity later today high temperatures only in the 80s. yeah, only in the 80s for the future. good looking forecast looking forward into the weekend. let's take a look at current numbers, 73 currently regan national check out the 60s to your north and west, 51 frederick, 63 winchester, a little warmer across the bay, currently 75 degrees at the naval air station. >>> sentinel satellite you can see cloud cover slipping south and east and waking up in southern maryland. you will get a few more clouds than the rest of us but with high pressure building from the north and west and breezes out of the north it will be a spectacular day quiet conditions out to the west. here is your forecast and it is a good one your day planner calling for lots of sunshine high temperatures mid-to upper 80s later this afternoon and we will be dry again mostly sunny day. >> okay more details look at the weekend coming up in a couple minutes, traffic and julie. >>> all r
, ravens scoring with the 2 seconds to pull it out. but steve is right, it boils down to what happened in the first half when the number ones were on the field before they went to the bench players in the second half. it got started off with good defense. and this is hall. and that's what he does, jumps route and then takes an interesting route to get to the end zone, but he does get there. 62-yards in all, a big play corner. he does give up big plays, kind of a love/hate relationship. hightower, i mean, third week in a row, cuts it back 37-yards and to the end zone, dive and get in there, touchdown red skins up 14-0. ravens came back and tied it at 14-0. did he execute the two-minute drill or what? best throw of the night, back shoulder throw touchdown, redskins back up seven. and the one touchdown no turnovers which surprised many. beck, the good, the touchdown. he was another great game. he has solidified his place on the roster. beck's number, 6-10, 108-yards, he had one interception in one on one coverage. so i still think right now, if you ha
as we look over northwest washington. august 30th thanks for being with us i am steve. >>> i am alison. >>> tens of thousands in dc in the dark this morning. just over 19,000 customers without power dominion now with under 4,000 northern virginia the biggest outages bge over 51,000 customers in five local counties. >>> anne arundel, calvert, st. mary's schools closed montgomery county schools open. prince georges county schools are open. one change from last night three schools in prince georges county that had been closed will open this morning largo, central and suitland that is a change from last night. >> all dc schools open today however students and staffs from the school without walls should report to eastern high school. again see all the closings along the top of your screen and >>> let's check with tucker barnes to look at our forecast we can move on to nice weather. >>> should be beautiful expecting bright sunshine across the air woo temperatures low 80s and -- area and temperatures low 80s and fantastic weather. quiet
harmful obama regulations he wants them to be repealed my question, steve and i were talking and we brought up the fact is this a waste of time what are we doing here. >> we need to create jobs we need to get the economy moving again this era rick canter nonsense -- eric canter nonsense doesn't -- he doesn't want to give money to fema, well, your state virginia got whacked it seems to me eric canter his emphasis is on the wrong thing. >> is this a waste of time? we want to be repealing -- >> well, i think that is true people want to be working one of the things that is a correlation with, is a lot of these regulations are hurting jobs i mean the more you hinder a small business from growing and doing things, the more it hurts. >>> there was a regulation came out you talk about crazy regulations, there was a regulation on goat herders coming through why are we writing regulations that is silly stuff, stupid stuff >> i agree. >> are we talking about goat herders in repealing -- >> no, look [ overlapping voices ] >>> this is just an example of an
. >>> steve is back. >> kim would not be part of my dream wedding. >> well, would be a part of mine. you going to marry him or just listen to him sing? >> stupid events happening today in the capital. the martin luger king, jr. event opens to the public. and summer is here and sadly, it's fading away as tens of thousands of students head back to the classroom. >>> celebrations in libya as rebels marching into tripoli with the 42 reign. >>> here in the area, police are searching for the person who shot a toddler in prince georges county. we will hear from the mother. >>> >>> start out with a view this morning. back at school, for a lot of youngsters this morning. it is august 22nd. a live look this morning across the basin, the brand new martin luther king, jr. memorial. what you see is dr. king's likeness on the stone of hope. >> 15 years after plans for the memorial were signed into law, it is a reality today. the public allowed to visit in just a few hours. >>> good monday morning. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. much more on the memorial in a few minutes, including the hours that you can
representative of steve king a member of the tea party caucus from iowa good morning sir thanks for joining us from capitol hill. it took us a long time to get here sir can you tell us why it has taken so long. >> well, yes this isn't a business deal it is a political agreement and a business deal across the table everybody wants to get done, sign off, shake hands go off and make money. this is a different thing, it is a pleasure from each side in a way it is a bit of a stare down who has the strongest political support in the community who sees the best opportunity in the long term advantage electorally and who has the best decision for america, the best vision will be the one the american people embrace i don't think we are here politically the public has not had a chance to weigh in on this last agreement. >> as the caucus sees it, is the bill moving in the right fiscal direction? >> it is moving in the right fiscal direction needs to move more quickly in the right fiscal direction the previous bill that i think is very much the same as this one in as far as short term cuts are concerned pr
d' ouvres in a chinese restaurant. steve martin is a poker guy. he goes every week. he does not even say good-bye. he says, oh, my good, i've got to go. i'm stuck with $800 bill. >> you are still friends? >> i adore the guy. we just push each other's button. >> we love the show. it's great show. i want to find out a little bit about what you aredoing next. you are doing a movie? >> the guy who did fast times did clueless. it's funny because to be an old vampire. this is a sweet, movie, with sigourney weaver. i'm a love interest -- go figure. i'm a love interest. she is a vampire. i e-mailed her, can you suck my neck once in a while. i'm the only one who does not get his neck bitten or make love in the movie. someone has to. >> you are great, but, you know, it there is so much horror going on in the world and the economy and speaking of hard, this funny man -- it is important to be out. i like being a comic now more than ever because everyone has their stuff personally and what's going on, you know, in the country and the world. it's good to hear people laugh. it's like we need you. a
one week from sunday. a long list of events is planned leading up to the historic day. steve which wonder, jamie foxx and aretha franklin are some of the artists who will perform after the dedication. due to the overwhelming demand the district is abandoning ticket sales. we want it know how dr. king impacted your life. submit stories, photos and video on to take part in this historic event. look to the link dedicating the dream on the hot topics bar of our home page. >>> it's a popular tv show that cracks down on private predators. a recent ruling by a judge may have an impact on how this show operates the. >>> usually businesses such as clothing stores pay celebrities to wear their gear. that's not the case for one pay. so why amber courtroom by and fitch is paying tv star the situation. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more
but it could have been worse. steve is back with us now in studio for more on this still historic storm. >> that is the key for everybody out there saying it was over hyped and people over played it and it wasn't that bad the reason you do that is to get people out of the areas where it is going to hit the hardest on the east coast was the shore line imagine if those people were there when the storm came in the situation would have been much different now the storm no long era hurricane but still there, still up north heading into canada passing into new england there were much bigger problems than here as it continues to head north. >> reporter: in new jersey some streets are almost knee deep in water it is worse in trenton as residents can be seen making their way around in boats. in elms ford north of new york city irene forced water from the saw mill river throughout one neighbourhood some there take it in stride. >>> nothing i can do. >> some homes being filmed in rock land county. >> as the flood comes through, evacuated 200 residents displaced. >> reporter: torential rains floode
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